Chipped Off: How Dentists Can Improve Your Smile By Dr. Collier on December 01, 2015

A nice smileAt Southern Dental Implant Center, we feel that saving a tooth and preserving as much of its structure as possible is the best policy. This is why so many patients in and around Memphis place their trust in us and our work.

There are many cosmetic and restorative dentistry options for treating chipped teeth and tooth damage. Let's cover the most common kinds of treatments right now.

The Aesthetic Problems Related to Chipped Teeth

When you have a tooth that's chipped or cracked, it can have a major negative impact on your smile. Even small chips can lead to self-consciousness. In some cases, the chip may result in a reluctance to laugh, smile, and speak around family members and loved ones. The chip can also make good first impressions more difficult.

Dental Health Issues Caused by Chipped Teeth

In addition to cosmetic flaws, chipped teeth can also lead to a number of dental health issues. The chip can make the teeth sensitive to heat and cold, which means dental pain when having your favorite meals or beverages. The chip can also make root canal infections more likely, which means the painful infection of the soft tissue inside of the tooth. When this occurs, the infection can spread to the gums, the jawbone, and other structures of the mouth.

Dental Bonding for Very Minor Chips

For minor chips that are only cosmetic in nature, the use of dental bonding tends to be most ideal. Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored dental resin to the chip. This builds up structure, filling in the chipped area and making it look totally natural.

Dental bonding is also a good treatment option to consider for tooth stains and minor spacing issues between teeth.

Porcelain Veneers for Small Chips

For more serious cosmetic chips, the ideal option is often the use of porcelain veneers. These are thin shells of dental ceramic that are affixed to the fronts of the teeth. The porcelain veneers are tooth-colored and semi-translucent, helping ensure a seamless blending of the veneer and the tooth structure.

Porcelain veneers are also good options for treating major tooth stains, cracks, spacing issues, tooth asymmetry, crooked smiles, and so forth.

Inlays and Onlays for More Serious Chips

When the chip of a tooth results in serious structural damage, it's important to consider getting inlays or onlays placed to address the problems. These dental restorations are similar to dental fillings, though they are much larger and able to restore the biting surfaces (cusps) of the teeth.

Inlays and onlays come in tooth-colored and metal forms. The ideal type of restoration for you and your needs will be discussed in more detail during your visit to the practice.

Dental Crowns to Save a Severely Damaged Tooth

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration commonly considered a kind of last resort when restoring a tooth. Dental crowns will cap a seriously damaged or decayed tooth, protecting it from further damage and preventing tooth sensitivity and pain as well.

Like inlays and onlays, dental crowns come in tooth-colored and metal forms. The ideal option for you and your situation will be covered during the consultation process.

Contact Southern Dental Implant Center

For more information about treating chipped teeth and helping your smile look its absolute best, it's important that you contact our advanced dental care center today. The entire team here at Southern Dental Implant Center looks forward to your visit and helping you have a smile you can be proud about.

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