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Top Treatments for Cavities

May 2, 2013 @ 07:26 PM — by info
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A cavity, or tooth decay, can be a painful or sensitive, often unsightly, dangerous problem that nearly everyone is susceptible to. At our offices in Memphis, cavity treatment is a customized process that addresses each patients specific needs and concerns.

Our Memphis cosmetic dentists at Southern Dental Implant Center are skilled in the treatment and prevention of cavities. It is our priority to educate our patients on how cavities and other dental issues can occur so they understand and are comfortable with treatment processes.

A cavity is a hole in the tooth that occurs when built-up plaque and bacteria accumulates on teeth, penetrating below the top surface of enamel. Plaque creates acid that eats away at part of the tooth. This leaves a hole in the tooth that can be sensitive and often painful. Left untreated, a cavity will grow, weakening the tooth and even penetrating to the nerve. In the most serious cases, the tooth may fall out or have to be removed.

Where Did My Cavity Come From?

Some people believe that cavities happen primarily in children because they ingest more sugary treats and sometimes have poor dental habits. While both sugary foods and poor dental hygiene can exacerbate cavities, patients of any age can and do get cavities for a variety of reasons.

Plaque bacteria, the culprit behind your cavity, is a mixture of your mouths natural bacteria, acid, saliva and leftover food. Plaque accumulates and causes cavities when a patient:

When a patient visits our state-of-the-art office in Memphis, we are able to identify cavities that may not have shown their symptoms yet and administer immediate treatment. An untreated cavity will grow, causing nerve damage, substantial decay and in severe cases, loss of your entire tooth. The earlier a cavity is recognized, the faster our expert team can stop its destruction.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Cavity treatment is a comfortable process in which we discuss treatment options and catered care plans for each patient. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry for appropriate procedures to calm our patients and create a serene experience. At Southern Dental Implant Center, we offer the following treatments for cavities:

Before and after a cavity treatment, we offer in-office fluoride treatments, which can strengthen enamel and help stop cavities as they progress.

For more information on cavity treatment and our full breadth of cosmetic, sedation and general dentistry procedures, please contact us today to set up a free, confidential, and caring consultation.