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"Restoring implants have been unbelievably stress free.."

Sep 11, 2008 @ 09:34 AM — by SEO Admin
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In the past I have restored implants placed by Oral Surgeons and Periodontists. In each situation there was always something I would be responsible for, such as purchasing and placing the prosthetic post, having the patient return to me for fabrication of the temporary, or having to contact the manufacturer for specific finishing burs for the copings. There were also times when I would have to restore a less than ideal occlusal relationship simply because the surgeon did not properly plan the case. I never knew what would be next, and I hate surprises. Since working with Dr. Locante, not once have I had to do anything other than make an impression and seat the crown. When my first case came back in temporaries I could not believe it. In every situation, from start to finish, restoring implants have been unbelievably stress free. I believe much of this is due to Dr. Locante being a restorative dentist himself. He understands occlusion; therefore proper placement has never been an issue. Thank-you Bill for making my life easier when it comes to my implant patients!!

Joseph V. Clemmons III, DDS
Bartlett, TN