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Teenager Gets New Life

Feb 5, 2008 @ 03:19 PM — by SEO Admin
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Dr. Locante and office staff,
All through my middle school years I wnet without teeth because I was congenitally missing two teeth in the front. I stopped smiling, was made fun of, and it was a complete embarassment. Then I received a clear retainer that had the fake teeth in it, it was a complete hassle. I had to brush it every morning and night along with my teeth. I would lose the teeth constantly and I was so afraid that someone would find out and make fun of me. My regular dentist told me I needed implants. It was a tough decision because not only was it expensive but it was a life changing experience and I was scared to death the procedure would not work for me.
The moment I walked in your office for my first consultation I have to admit I was scared, embarssed, shy, and excited. Your staff treated me with utmost respect and kindness. They made me feel as if it was another day and they had everything under control. I soon became at ease and was ready to meet the person I had heard so much about. The very second you walked in the droom, Dr. Locante, I knew in my heart I was going to be in the best hands. I was still just a tad nervous but you made me forget all the past and focus on the future.
After the surgery, I smile more. I REALLY smile. No more closing my mouth, no more trying not to laugh. I can show my teeth and I can laugh my head off and not be afraid. I have to thank you so much for everything you did to put up with me. It is you I give my happiness to and I hope that I help someone else make the decision to put their life in your hands. It is worth every minute and dime. Thank you kindly with all my heart. Jessica