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Policeman gets new teeth.

Jun 5, 2007 @ 02:04 PM — by SEO Admin
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Dear Dr. Locante,
During this past year, you gave me the opportunity of being able to be a normal person again by giving me the ability to smile and eat normally again. The implants that you placed in my lower jaw have made a complete difference my my daily tasks at work and my off duty time. In my line of work I deal with alot of people and just having the ability to smile and speak as a normal person has done wonder. Members of your staff made me feel very comfortable befor, during and after my treatment. God put people like you on this earth for a specific purpose and that is giving us the ability to smile again without embarassment.

Again, please accept my personal appreciation for making me a complete human again. Smiling has not been the same since. These implants have given me my life back.

In greatest appreciation,

Terry P.
Police Sergeant